Copyright Notice
Respectively: Rapunzel One, Designs for Moove, Designs for Brand Worlds......all rights reserved 2003-2008
To all my fellow moove room designers:

As a general notice and statement, you are given my permission to use my 3d objects in you room creations.

You may include my items in your room transfers as mpz's or zipfiles in an unaltered state (eg: original file names).

You may transfer these items within your room designs  without concern for status of free giving or community dollar sales. However, you may not sell them for real currency.

My Items may
NOT be placed individually on your site for download or sale for any reason.

You may
NOT use my wall teplates, or any part thereof, for creation and/or re-distribution of a decorated room or empty room for any purpose other than your own personal use. No part of my templates, complete or incomplete, shall ever be used to sell, give away, or enter in any contest or forum that can be represented or misconstrued as your own work. Since this would be a reasonable consideration in any public forum, any use other than personal is strictly prohibited.

At no time do you have my permission to change any file names pertaining to my work or creations. This includes all files, jpg's, bitmaps, or any type of image contained namely within the moove/art folders. Even though they are in a moove folder on your computer, they are still protected under copyright and are not free to any user without explicit written or verbal consent from their creator. Others areas are including, but not limited to, transfers from other members by visiting them, designs for moove website, other member sites, etc.

If you see another person acting outside this notice, I ask that you report the offender directly to me or
This also pertains to any designers items or objects being mis-used or mis-represented by anyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly and I will answer them for you. The only stupid question is the one that you do not ask.

I am only making my intentions clear. I wish for every person to enjoy their life in moove free of drama and hostility. Every member deserves respect for their person. I only ask within these notices that you respect me and my creations as I respect you and your creations as well.

As a founder and member of *Designers United*, you will understand my intentions by reading the "we the 3D designers of moove" that I authored for the group when I set up the nickpage.

Designers United was never about 1 designer but is for all designers standing as one on a common ground for respect and integrity of which the whole community will be enriched with the individual artwork from moove designers.

*Rapunzel One*
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