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COPYRIGHT by Rapunzel One
This is a copyright notice. I am no different than most of the designers in moove asking that community members respect my work. This means that you agree to download and use my creations for your personal enjoyment and agree not to disassemble, edit, alter, sell, or represent my creations as your own for any reason without written consent from the original creator....ME. (Rapunzel One).

I am a free giving artist in moove meaning I do not sell my items for C$. I also do not ask for votes or best designer. Please just do not mis-represent my work as yours.

Have fun and enjoy moove!!!!!!

Rapunzel One
Copyright Notice
Respectively: Rapunzel One, Designs for Moove, Designs for Brand Worlds......all rights reserved 2003-2008
Above are 2 pictures of complete decorated rooms I made and offered for free to all moove members. Within thousands of downloads of my rooms, a few members repeatedly downloaded, dismantled, and used my creations to offer rooms for C$. Since then all but 1 have apologized for doing so. At this time I will not be putting everything up. I personally spent hours upon hours creating my wall templates.
If you had purchased or been given a custom room, and need replacement please send me an e-mail at
This image was created by me (5 different pieces and more than 3 hours)using only software and images that are in no part related to moove. My own time, my own resources, and my own software.

I think every person could ask themselves this question:

If you walk into the local art supply store and purchase the following:
1: an easel
2: a paint brush
3: some Bob Ross paints (various colors)
4: a canvas

You then go home and paint a picture of the vase on a table with flowers in it that you bought at sears and the flowers from your local florist.
Who do you suppose holds the copyright to the painting?
a: the person who owns the land that grew the trees to make the easel or the company that actually made the easel or maybe the retailer that sold the easel?
b: the horse that gave the hairs to make the brush?
c: Bob Ross or the company that manufactured the paint?
d: The company that made the canvas?
e: Sears?
f: Me as the creator of the painting?

I do and will always say that it is me. Inside every museum or studio is the creator and owner of what they display. There is a clear and definitive line drawn to an individuals rights to their creativity and that does not include theft of the work from others.
It is that simple folks, we have lost artists, programmers, and creators of which many know for this very same problem. Others like me have been forced to remove items, websites, and even themselves from moove because of people that have no respect for others here.
I was told by moove to create this page and make it very clear how Designs for Moove stands on copyright infringment.
When mooves top artists and creators are driven from moove, it is not just hurting that individual but the moove community collectively. One of the most important parts of this community is the artists and creators that give freely to all for their enjoyment. It is not fair that acts of jealousy or a dislike for that person should invoke such acts to deprive all others in moove for the benefit of a creator or artists' kind gesture.
Maybe you know a designer in moove that this has happened to that still has a website up with very few items. It would be nice to send them a message with your support to uphold their copyrights as many have done for me.
Making moove a better place starts with a kind gesture to those that have given so freely to this community.