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Respectively: Rapunzel One, Designs for Moove, Designs for Brand Worlds......all rights reserved 2003-2008
All my items are available for members to enrich your moove experience.

They are free of charge for you to use for your personal enjoyment.

They are not given for the purpose of redistribution, reproduction, alteration, duplication, or sale/resale.

Ownership and copyright is held by me at all times in any circumstance.

Decorated rooms, wall templates, and any compilation of items (not individual) may not be used to enter any contests or forum intended to show your "own" work.

None of my items should be made available from any website not owned by me personally and is provided to you unlawfully and without my consent unless otherwise deemed permissable by me (excluding a link to my website).

Contrary to some others beliefs, Moove creators and website owners have full rights to their content and creations (albeit pixels, bitmaps, j-pegs, screenshots, clips, cutouts, etc.) and do have protection by applicable international copyright laws.

Statements made to you otherwise, are false and/or misleading.

Designs for Moove is a business website as it is a paid domain even though the items are free, real money is used to develop and maintain its existence.
This maintains the intellectual integrity and furthers the protection of international copyright laws.
Any offenses necessary to persue legally are automatically governed and tried under the juristiction of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

All items are for the sole purpose and use with and/ or Brand Worlds Tools. They cannot be used in any other 3-d chat communities.

Copyright infringement will be swiftly and aggressively persued by the fullest extent of applicable law. and Brand Worlds Tools (moove Bongartz- Dr. Kozan GbR) are the only 2 enteties with full written consent and permission to use items, objects, compilations, screenshots, quotes, links, and logos contained within for business promotional purposes.
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